I’m fundraising for Greyhope Bay because it will be an asset that highlights a beautiful part of the city. Looking out for dolphins at Aberdeen beach has to be one of my favourite things to do. We’re blessed to have these majestic creatures on our doorstep. As a Greyhope Skipper I’ve enjoyed the weekly meetings and the amazing energy that it produces. The group brings together all kinds of interesting people and has a genuine community spirit. I’m contributing by organising a bike ride from the source to the mouth of the Dee River. We will set off from Braemar and arrive to Torry Battery on Sunday 29th, 2019. We hope to spread the word along the way and raise funds for this much needed project.

Cyclists arrived to Greyhope Day, September 2019, at Torry Battery after a 112 KM ride from Braemar (above)

A new group of cyclists arriving at Torry Battery after completing the 112 KM from Braemar a second year running for Greyhope Week, September 2020 (below)

Community in Action
Our membership framework allows business, organisations, local groups and individuals to be part of Greyhope Bay and make a change for our marine environment