Build It

The importance of the project has been recognised locally with a community of organistions coming forward to bring their design and construction expertise to the project and help make the build a reality.
Our ‘BUILD IT’ community have demonstrated major commitment and investment with many part contributing in-kind resulting in increased capacity and significant savings for the project.

Their work has included volunteering their time to the build team, the design and contribution of a bespoke green power solution for our off-grid site, the contribution of containers for conversion, the contribution of craning services, and the doors and windows to create the panoramic view from the cafe.
Prof Gokay Deveci, RGU

Gokay Deveci has worked with Greyhope Bay since the early conceptual stages of the project, as early as 2013. Gokay has understood the project in terms of place making and the social impact of creating a building with meaning in Aberdeen

Gokay’s design influence has been led by how we can create a building with resilience, a build project owned by the community that can adapt and last in changing economic, social and cultural circumstances.

Gokay holds a professorial chair at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment at Robert Gordon University.


The team at DYNAMIX Modular have been supporting the project since 2017 and have been heavily involved in the projects Engineering and Design to create a bespoke temporary solution for the facility at Torry Battery.  The team have spent many hours, days and indeed years navigating and collaborating to put in the place all the relevant approvals with Aberdeen City Council and Historic Environment Scotland.

Through the repurposing of shipping containers the project will enhance accessibility to Torry Battery through the execution of an off-grid, low impact build to highest quality standard. This will be a build that will minimise the impact on this historic monument whilst working to establish Torry Battery as a destination and to test and demonstrate the concept and viability of a permanent solution for the site.


As part of a long-term partnership, JCE Energy is committed to providing a bespoke renewable power solution for our off-grid marine experience centre, community space and cafe at Torry Battery.

With a local presence in Aberdeen, JCE Energy has been working alongside With their expertise in manufacturing alternative energy solutions Jim Craig and his team at JCE Energy have designed a bespoke hybrid power system that uses a battery system that will be charged by solar panels during the day and topped up by a silent generator at night. JCE ultimately aims to add a wind turbine to replace the generator such that we can have a 100 % green energy solution for the site.


Ryden LLP  joined the Greyhope Bay team in April 2020 as appointed Project Manager for the project design and construction phase of the temporary facility at Torry Battery.

Ryden provide a critical component to ensuring exemplary management of the design and construction of what is a complex build project. This complexity relates to the bespoke nature of the design, off-grid challenges of this historic site and the coordination of many contributing parties who have supported the project largely by in-kind contributions and partnerships.

See our ABOUT page to get to know David Moore (Ryden LLP Project Manager)

Project Engineer

Graham Christie at Cameron + Ross has provided engineering support and advice to the project including conducting all site investigations, designing  foundations for the containers at Torry Battery and providing structural certification for the container conversion.

Rainwater Harvesting

Jamie Grant at Pure Water Scotland has provided in kind a rainwater harvesting and treatment system. RainSafe™ machine,  treats harvested rain water to drinking water standards by means of UV and Ozone sanitisation. This technology solves a significant logistical challenge with the site at Torry Battery providing a fresh, clean water supply that can be stored and treated on demand. We are very excited to have this technology supporting our facility at Torry Battery.

Windows and Doors Supplier
Principal Designer

Colin Lawson Transport have kindly contributed all transport for the delivery of the shipping containers from East Tullos to workshop in Arbroath and for the final installation at Torry Battery - we very much look forward to that moment.

Supply of Containers
Health and Safety Consultants