Corporate Skipper

Clarksons Port Services

Innes Cameron, Director, at Clarksons Port Services Ltd. and his colleagues with Dot the Dolphin for the “Make a Little Change” Christmas fundraising campaign.

As soon as I heard about the project I was intrigued. I have lived and worked in Aberdeen most of my life and I am very proud of the city and how close we are to nature here. Working in the port is a privilege. Being able to connect that commercial and industrial space with a local project which will provide a social space for community, conservation, education and sustainability is really important to me, personally, and to my employer. The link between Clarksons, the port, the sea, local marine life and the wider community is obvious. Therefore, contributing to this hugely positive project is exactly where we want to be. We are fundraising in a number of ways for Greyhope Bay because it’s a terrific community and environmental project.

Community in Action
Our membership framework allows business, organisations, local groups and individuals to be part of Greyhope Bay and make a change for our marine environment