Greyhope Bay

Torry Battery

Torry Battery is a historic monument that tells the story of local community resilience and connection to the coast
1860 Torry Point Battery

Torry Point Battery was built in 1860 as a training ground and barracks for soldiers stationed there until it was decommissioned in the 1950s

WWI and WWII defence

The guns at Torry Battery were never fired in anger, during WWII a ship was spotted approaching on the horizon and a warning shot was fired but it was a friendly ship. The larger guns had a firing range as far as Newburgh!

1946-53 Emergency Housing

Between 1946 and 1953, 20 families were living in the abandoned barracks at Torry Battery. Our community of supporters includes Jim Craig (JCE Energy) and Peter (ex-trawlerman) who both lived at Torry Battery when they were young boys and have a deep affection for the monument.

1960's Torry Battery is Partly Demolished

The abandoned battery was seen as an eyesore and a dangerous place and so a decision was taken to partly demolish and clear the interior barracks of the battery.

1960's - 2000's Playground and Local Meet-Up

After it's partial demolition the Battery continued to be a gathering place for locals. Many people still recall days out at the Battery fishing for buckies and picnicking with family, many playing on the ramparts and using the site as a massive playground. The site continues to be visited to this day by nature lovers and those wanting to remember and connect to lost loved ones.

2022 Greyhope Bay Centre

Working with Historic Environment Scotland and Aberdeen City Council, scheduled monument consent and planning permission was granted in 2019 for the Greyhope Bay Centre