Greyhope Diaries

Weekly Video Diaries

Follow progress with the build at Torry Battery through the eyes of our volunteer Filmmakers
Founder's Update - Foundations and Decking

After a rainy week, the pad foundations have now been finished and the parade has been prepared for the first phases of the decking. Fiona gives us an update about how the decking is interacting with the historic monument to be as low impact as possible by being weighted rather than fixed. We also get a glance at our filmmakers who are documenting the build. Next step... Containers will arrive to the site!

Prof Colin Moffat

The ocean is critical for life on Earth. In 2021, the scientific evidence, including from some of my own work while working with Scottish Government and now as a visiting Professor at the Robert Gordon University, is showing clearly that the ocean is changing in response to human activities. If we are to continue to benefit from the ocean then we must develop and share solutions. This includes describing the ocean and the changes in ways that are impactful, which is why a marine and community space, such as Greyhope Bay, is important - it will provide an opportunity for all ages to explore the ocean in a variety of ways and hear about solutions.

For me, presenting information in short films provides a key source of information, while capturing scenes that are unique to that moment in time.  In presenting my science, I found that using images and pictures make a huge difference which is why I have branched into creating such films. Hopefully, these films will help people to make their decisions about the changes they will make as their contribution to reducing human impacts on the ocean.

Founder's Update - Breaking Ground

We broke ground this week! Our foundations are going in and the site is being prepared for the converted containers to arrive shortly.  Our founder, Dr. Fiona McInytre gives us a live update from Torry Battery and explains more about how our build is designed to be very low impact on this historical site.

Founder's Update - Build News & Call For Filmmakers

Last Friday, Fiona shared an update on the build programme at Torry Battery on our social media platforms."It's not been an easy summer for us. We had really hoped to be starting construction mid-summer, but that just wasn't possible with a background of what is a difficult time for the construction industry. Our build team has really been problem solving and looking for solutions to pull through."We are now seeing the light ahead and are excited to begin building the Greyhope Bay Centre at Torry Battery. Look out for build updates over the coming days/weeks!