GREYHOPE SKIPPERS -- can you mobilise your community to fundraise and help lead the change in Aberdeen?


Join our community of skippers who are raising over £500 for the project and be part of the Greyhope Bay story!

Our Greyhope Skippers have already raised funds with a yoga event at Old Torry Community Centre, staff fundraisers, pub quizzes and an Afternoon Tea and raised even more with their events at Greyhope Day including a bike ride from Braemar to the Battery and a Treasure Hunt.

The Greyhope community is beginning to multiply, get ready for our second wave of Skipper fundraising leading up to Christmas time. Join us on Thursday October 10th where we will be tipping our hats to our first team of Skippers and sharing our plans for what's to come (UPSTAIRS @ Foodstory 10th of October, 5PM-7PM (and then every Thursday when you can until the first weekend of December)


  1. Name included in a community art piece representing your contribution and effort
  2. You will be profiled on our website, newsletter and social media including a write-up and promotion of your event/fundraisers, your pictures, videos, target to raise and all of your fundraising support
  3. Skipper weekly support meetings and monthly coffee meetups - be part of the skipper community
  4. Invite to our exclusive pre-opening event


If you can't reach the GREYHOPE ADMIRAL investment level this time round, can you commit to match any funds raised by your employees through our Greyhop SKipper community?


  1. Sign up forms
  2. Slack communication channel for our Skipper community
  3. Fundraising set-up support
  4. Marketing support
  5. Weekly meetings with fellow Skippers
  6. Skipper swag


Contact Fiona McIntyre, Managing Director


Ph: +44(0)7531 826302