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Join our Greyhope Skipper community and help lead change through fundraising, events and programming
Corporate Skipper
> £1,000

Does your business want to get involved with our Skipper Community?

Corporate Skippers can start with an investment of > £1,000 to become a Corporate Skipper, and will get access to Greyhope Community where staff can contribute to the development of and participate in educational programming and community events at Torry Battery.

Corporate Skippers can also work up to Greyhope Admiral status through employee fundraising over the year.

Funds raised by Corporate Skippers will contribute to:
- Greyhope Stories, a new online educational and storytelling platform
- Greyhope Trail, our upcoming interactive trail  
- Curated outdoor art/science interpretation on site
- Launching Greyhope Cadets: kid’s programme and activities
- Community and cultural events
- Education and knowledge exchange on our green tech and operations for our off-grid facility
- Environmental stewardship

Email to join as a Corporate Skipper

  • All Skippers will be profiled on our website, newsletter and social media including a write-up and promotion of your event/fundraisers, your pictures, videos, target to raise and all of your fundraising support
  • All Skipper names will be included in a community art piece representing your contribution and effort
  • Skipper weekly community meet ups join in the fun and be part of the skipper community
Our community of Skippers meet weekly on Zoom

Every Thursday @ 3.30 pm. 
Email to get involved

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Our membership framework allows business, organisations, local groups and individuals to be part of Greyhope Bay and make a change for our marine environment
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