Green Power Partner

JCE Energy is supporting our ambition for sustainable power generation
JCE Energy

As part of a long-term partnership, JCE Energy is committed to providing a bespoke renewable power solution for our off-grid marine experience centre, community space and cafe at Torry Battery.

With a local presence in Aberdeen, JCE Energy has been working alongside Greyhope Bay sharing their wide expertise in green technologies to design, build and maintain a bespoke green power system that will use alternative energy solutions including solar, battery and eventually wind.

Make a Change

As our green power partner, they are involved every step of the way to help us achieve our ‘Make a Change’ goals by innovating their technology to meet our project requirements for power on an historic and remote site through a reliable and cost-effective off-grid clean energy system.

To find out more about their full range of products and capabilities visit:

Jim Craig ↑

Watch our interview with Jim Craig, JCE Energy (JCE Group Chairman) as he shares all on how they are designing and building a bespoke power system that will provide green energy for our viewing facility and cafe at Torry Battery. We are working with a unique historic site that has no power supply nearby presenting a particular challenge for the project to provide an off-grid solution, that would not have a heavy reliance on diesel.

100 % Green Energy

With their expertise in manufacturing alternative energy solutions Jim Craig and his team at JCE Energy have designed a bespoke hybrid power system that uses a battery system that will be charged by solar panels during the day and topped up by a silent generator at night. JCE ultimately aims to add a wind turbine to replace the generator such that we can have a 100 % green energy solution for the site.