Greyhope Bay

Why we exist

Greyhope Bay exists to connect and engage communities with our marine world - imagining more for Aberdeen, our community and our coast.

We are based in Torry, Aberdeen a community built around an old fishing village with a deep heritage and surrounding natural beauty and wildlife

Who we are

We create experiences that connect people to places

We build community through connection

We create change along with the community

We share stories that honour our place, its history, environment and community, creating connection and understanding

We collaborate in an open and co-creative way whilst pushing boundaries of the way things are done and delivered

We listen, we create space to hear our community's response and engage with their views

Greyhope Bay was built from scratch, resilience is embedded into who we are

We create impact through storytelling

Stories bring this project alive, the centre will act as a hub from where we tell stories through our educational and participatory programme inviting our community to:

EXPERIENCE MORE of our marine world, our wildlife, our heritage, our city and enjoying the natural beauty and diversity of our own back yard

IMAGINE MORE for the city and what we can collectively achieve as communities including our commitment to a low-impact build, plastic neutral centre, and educational programme as a community led project

MAKE A CHANGE by joining our community and making a change for our marine environment

This programme will be hosted as a collaboration with participatory organisations and storytelling through multiple medias (online digital content, informative, participatory and artistic interpretation across the site, events and school programming)

We are committed to


  • Accessible structures for community ownership and space for the community to lead (Skipper community weekly meetings, inclusive community events and campaigns)
  • Collaborative storytelling, co-designed interpretative content and event programming with local community groups, organisations and national organisations
  • Shared ‘how-to’ and behind the scenes stories


  • Multitiered access, experiences and participation in our story through different events and programming
  • Funded programmes to support access for local schools
  • Greyhope Baywatchers - a free access model which offers crew membership benefits to Torry Balnagask residents, and ownership of community events calendar


  • Inspiring our community to take part and take the lead in sharing the message of ‘make a change’ for sustainability and our environment
  • Demonstrating and leading on sustainability through how we build, power, consume, operate and design educational programming and events

The Team
Dr Fiona McIntyre
Founder and Managing Director

Fiona founded Greyhope Bay in late 2015 with the ambition to connect and engage communities with the marine wildlife, environment and heritage on Aberdeen’s doorstep.

Fiona is purpose driven and leads Greyhope Bay as Managing Director by rooting the project in its core values of community empowerment, collaboration and inspiring change.

Fiona has successfully built a team around her and mobilised a community behind Greyhope Bay.

Fiona is an accomplished social entrepreneur, communicator, strategist and marine research scientist.

Fiona is available for speaking at

Prof Gokay Deveci
Project Architect, RGU

Gokay Deveci has worked with Fiona since the early conceptual stages of the project, as early as 2013. Gokay has understood Fiona’s ambition for the project in terms of place making and the impact of creating a building with meaning.

Gokay’s design influence has been led by how we can create a building with resilience, a build project owned by the community that can adapt and last in changing economic, social and cultural circumstances.

Gokay holds a professorial chair at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment at the Robert Gordon University.

He has an international reputation for his expertise in affordable and sustainable low energy housing.

Carole Monnier MBA
Lead Project Consultant for Fundraising

Carole joined Greyhope Bay in May 2019 to apply her communications and fundraising experience to support the delivery of the project. Her collaboration with Fiona and the Greyhope Bay team has led to the successful launch of a new fundraising campaign for Greyhope Bay rooted in building community ownership and support.

Her passion for driving sustainable entrepreneurship forwards has integrated the values of the circular economy through all aspects of the project from design to operations.

She has been involved with community-led initiatives at an organisational level since the early days of her career and prioritises projects that advance wellbeing for people and the planet. She is a diver, paddler, surfer and all-around ocean lover.

Dr Natalia Alvarez
Communication Consultant

Natalia has collaborated with Fiona since 2017 supporting her through a process of deep reflection and vulnerability to both understand and communicate the true drivers and story of Greyhope Bay.

With the purpose clear, Natalia has been able to collaborate with the Greyhope Bay team to design a new way of fundraising, a way that would commit authentically to the values and story of the project - empowering our community and sharing the energy of the project.

Natalia continues to work with Greyhope Bay as a consultant in communication and storytelling as we develop Greyhope Stories an educational and participatory programme that will connect our communities to this magnetic and historic part of Aberdeen.

James Daniel
Creative Designer

James joined the Greyhope Bay team in summer 2019 with the aim of supporting our rebrand,  website development and graphic design work.

James immediately understood the ethos and values of Greyhope Bay and has used his creative design skills to tell our story through thoughtful design, identity, print and even handmade ceramics.

He travels between Glasgow & Aberdeenshire and regularly supports Greyhope Bay with authentic creative ideas in both our communications and operational strategy.

David Moore
Associate Project Manager, Ryden LLP

Ryden LLP joined the Greyhope Bay team in April 2020 as appointed Project Manager for the project design and construction phase of the temporary facility at Torry Battery.

David has worked alongside Grant Jamieson to establish a structure and procedure for the project design team working closely with the project architect, contractors and providing professional advice to the Greyhope Bay Board.

David’s work is a critical component to ensuring exemplary management of the design and construction of what is a complex build project. This complexity relates to the bespoke nature of the design, off-grid challenges of this historic site and the coordination of many contributing parties who have supported the project largely by in-kind contributions and partnerships.

The Board
Dr Fiona McIntyre
Founder and Managing Director
Jonathan Smith
David Jack
Ian McArthur