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Greyhope Bay is a charitable organisation with plans to deliver a marine experience centre that will connect communities with our dynamic marine environment.

The first phase of the project, ‘Dolphins at the Battery’, will enhance access to Torry Battery, a site with a unique heritage, spectacular panoramic views of Aberdeen’s city and coast, and the best view of our charismatic bottlenose dolphins - the largest bottlenose dolphins found anywhere in the world.

‘Dolphins at the Battery’ will deliver a zero-footprint glass-fronted viewing platform, café and outdoor exhibit that invites visitors to experience our natural and historic environment while they explore an extraordinary local monument.

Within this setting, Greyhope Bay will invite visitors to experience our marine world, imagine more for the city and what we can collectively achieve, and be a part of leading the change.

Sustainability is at the core of the experience we are creating and central to our business model. Working with innovators at RGU and the University of Aberdeen, the facility will be a showcase for sustainable design, technology and behavioural changes focussing on plastic neutrality and the circular economy.

Once open, we will be working with the University of Aberdeen and local community groups to offer engaging educational opportunities based on marine science and wildlife, history and storytelling and artistic landscape and theatrical interpretation. Our programme will include a unique outdoor venue for cultural events, markets and festivals.

Temporary 5 years planning permission from Aberdeen City Council and Scheduled Monument Consent from Historic Environment Scotland has been secured. This demonstrates a commitment to establishing the project and longer-term ambitions for a more permanent development of the site.

We are now working to raise the capital to break ground and open in the spring of 2020. With that goal in mind, we have created a framework for organisations, community leaders and individuals to be part of the project and make a change for Aberdeen and our marine world.



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Dr Fiona McIntyre
Founder and Managing Director

Fiona is an accomplished marine research scientist who has been based in Aberdeen for the past 9 years. Throughout her science career she has had roles at the Marine Laboratory in Torry from researcher, data analyst and field scientist (onshore and offshore).

She completed her PhD in fisheries ecology in November 2014 and is a graduate of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland (MASTS) Graduate School.

Through her work, Fiona has developed a keen awareness and passion for the spectacular marine environment and wildlife that surrounds Scotland. From this, Fiona has an ambition and enthusiasm to engage people with the marine wildlife and environment we have on our doorstep.


Gökay Deveci
Chartered Architect RIBA - FRIAS
Lead Architect and Co-Founder

Gökay Deveci holds a professorial chair at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment at the Robert Gordon University and is an established member of the IDEAS Research Institute.

He has an international reputation for his expertise in affordable and sustainable low energy housing.

He also runs ‘the next home’  studio unit in  the final year of architecture course, which focuses on researching ‘Resilient City and Towns’, including looking at 21st century housing typologies to creating places and communities for better living. 


Carole Monnier
Lead Project Consultant-Fundraising

Carole applies her communications, strategy and project management experience to projects that advance wellbeing for people and the planet.

She is the co-founder and director of the Mare Nostrum Global Initiative, a not-for-profit driving system change towards plastic neutrality in cities in Southern Baja California.

She has been involved with community-led initiatives at an organisational level since the early days of her career. She is a diver, paddler, surfer and all-around ocean lover.

This project has been made possible by investment from Aberdeen City Council