Three Stripe Admiral

CNOOC International

Fiona Hienonen, CSR Analyst for CNOOC International in Aberdeen, at Greyhope Day, September 29th 2019

Ray Riddoch, Managing Director UK & Sr. VP Europe and Africa of CNOOC International said,

CNOOC International is a proud supporter of the Greyhope Bay project. We’re excited about the vision to create a space for everyone to experience Aberdeen’s incredible coast and marine life. “CNOOC International is committed to working in partnership across sectors for the prosperity and sustainability of our region. Greyhope Bay is a transformational project that celebrates the north-east’s heritage and environment, of which we should be incredibly proud. “We will continue to support Fiona and the entire Greyhope Bay Team to deliver their ambition.

CNOOC employees and interns organised a clean-up of Torry Battery

Community in Action
Our membership framework allows business, organisations, local groups and individuals to be part of Greyhope Bay and make a change for our marine environment