coming 2021


Greyhope Bay Centre
Opening Hours

Thursday - Monday
10.00 - 16.00

We're so excited to be welcoming Mount café into our space. Pop along for delicious coffees and friendly chat!

Why Visit?

Our cafe space has the best views of Aberdeen city, coast, harbour and visiting dolphins.

We are the first and only cafe in the city the operates off-grid using a hybrid energy and circular rainwater treatment technology.

We offer a year round mix of outdoor, creative and educational programmes.

We create space for communities to participate and shape what we do. Check out our
COMMUNITY page for more info.

Greyhope Bay Centre
Torry Battery
Greyhope Road

Walking and Cycling
The Greyhope Bay Centre is located on the National Cycle Network Route 1. There are 16 spaces for bicycles on racks located in the lower car park at Torry Battery.

First Bus Route 12
Stagecoach Route 59
Stop at Nigg Bay Golf Club and walk 10 mins along grass path to north of golf club

1.9 miles from Aberdeen City Centre / Train Station / Union Square. CLICK HERE to get driving directions to the Greyhope Bay Centre.


Disabled car parking spaces are found in the upper car park in front of the archway at Torry Battery.

There are 3 parking areas next to Torry Battery and an overflow space further along Greyhope Road towards Girdleness Lighthouse.


Our off-grid site has two accessible dry composting toilets. These toilets are maintained and operated by Greyhope Bay and open during centre opening hours.

Our Kazuba toilets from WooWoo simply use sunlight and wind to dry human waste with no need for water, electricity or chemicals.

Watch our founder and Managing Director, Dr Fiona McIntyre, interview our architect, Prof Gokay Devici, and hear his reasons for being passionate about the project and what it will bring to the area