August 1, 2020

Our New Normal in Community Building

Working with our Greyhope Skippers and Admirals we thought outside the COVID box to create Greyhope Week and our community responded with enthusiasm, activism and joy.

Our thinking was:

  • to make a week long event so we can encourage participation without gathering
  • focus on getting active and environmental stewardship including partnering with One Stop Waste Solutions to trial waste management on site, and participating in the Marine Conservation Society Great British Beach Clean
  • highlight Torry Battery, inviting people to visit and find out more about Greyhope Bay plans for the site

What happened was inspiring and beyond expectation:

22 BEACH CLEAN TEAMS took part across the week including families and local businesses cleaning the beaches around Torry Battery, from Girdleness Lighthouse to the beach across from the Torry allotments. And although we could not gather in numbers there was a palpable buzz of activity in the air and a shared sense of community ownership people could feel.

We asked our beach cleaners to take an extra step by sorting and separating the waste they collected. Thanks to One Stop Waste Solutions we know that the teams collected: 1320L General Waste, 150L Plastic, 100L Mixed Recycling, 50L Glass, with comments by mid-week of how clean the beaches were and teams moving further along the coast to cover a wider area than anticipated. A job well done! And motivation by many to keep going and make this a regularly occurring event.

8 CYCLISTS peddled an incredible 112km from Braemar to Torry Battery, raising funds and awareness for Greyhope Bay. On their journey, the cyclists followed the Dee taking in the views from the Cairngorms to the sea. Their efforts inspired other families to do their own local cycle along the Deeside way and raise funds on the same day, making a total of 14 riders out for Greyhope Bay on September 27th.

It was an amazing day enjoyed by all that has motivated us to keep inspiring folk to get outdoors, get active and get involved in supporting the project in this way.

Many of you rose to our SPOT DOT SELFIE challenge. Our wooden dolphin sculpture ‘Dot the Dolphin’ was visited by lots of SPOT DOT-ters, taking the opportunity to visit Torry Battery on the exact location of our viewing centre, cafe and education space, snap a selfie and hashtog #spotdotselfie on social media.

Our spot dot selfies were a big hit and Dot the dolphin will continue to look after our spot over the coming weeks.

Congratulations to our Spot Dot Selfie winner, Jackson James, has received a Greyhope Kidette membership and pin

An ONLINE AUCTION AND RAFFLE was offered by our SKIPPERS as a way to carry forwards from last year's afternoon tea and raffle event. Everyone was invited to participate online this year where are organisers auctioned 112 items and sold 500 raffle tickets for superb prizes donated by generously by local businesses and individual

In total we raised £3160, but Greyhope Week was about more than the numbers. It gave us a sense of how to keep going and creating community in these unprecedented times. Our biggest takeaway from our week-long event is that there is an appetite to continue, to look after our locality and environment to stay active and support Greyhope Bay.

As we near an announcement for our build and open schedule, we invite you all to get involved in our Greyhope Bay Community. There are many ways for you to jump in from volunteering, annual Greyhope Crew membership, joining our Skipper community, or signing on as a Greyhope Admiral. There's something for everyone.

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