October 11, 2019

Creating community raises over £90,000 in 10 weeks!

Through crafting a way to connect individuals, businesses and community leaders and creating opportunities to be part of the project our fundraising has skyrocketed. A whopping £92,600 has been raised through Greyhope Bay's Admirals, Skippers and Crew members since the programme’s launch this summer, putting Greyhope Bay within £75,000 of its goal to break ground!

In celebration, Torry Battery came to life with close to 700 visitors joining in on our fun-filled family event and celebration of the project’s first wave of fundraising.

At the family event, we felt a tangible boost of energy around the project that sparked new connections with people sharing stories of picnic’s on Torry beach and childhoods spent playing in amongst the ruins of the Battery. For many others it was the first time they were visiting Torry Battery even after spending a lifetime in the area.

And it was connection that made the day;

  • connection to site - taking a seat at the cafe location and exploring the ruin with a treasure hunt and crafty pirate
  • connection to our Skippers and their heart, energy and fundraising stories through the Skipper Gallery
  • connection to local business valued for their support and contribution through take-home thank you plant pots created from rubble collected at Torry Battery;
  • connecting to our marine world and those building our understanding of this world with educational games and stands from Marine Scotland, RSPB Dolphinwatch, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, and BDMLR
  • connecting to our heritage with interpretive displays and stories about Torry’s community history with the Torry Heritage Group
  • connecting to community volunteers, stall holders and visitors sharing coffee and stories of connection, excitement, anticipation and joy

The Greyhope community has grown and is now beginning to multiply. A second wave of fundraising leading up to Christmas time is about to begin and Greyhope Bay have four more Admiral (foundational investor) spots to complete a set of 10 that will allow the centre to open next year!

We also have an open offer to individuals and communities who want to join the Greyhope Skippers, host fundraisers and be part of our Christmas event in early December.

Get involved, share ideas as we kick off our next wave of Skipper fundraising and share our plans for what's to come next at Foodstory this Thursday, 10th of October, 5PM-7PM (and then every Thursday onwards).

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