Greyhope Bay

Sustainability at Greyhope Bay

At the Greyhope Bay Centre we have no access to on-grid power or water. To make Aberdeen's most sustainable cup of coffee we've had to think creatively

Rainwater collection tank collects rain from the roof of centre into 4,500l tank under ground

On demand the water is pumped to inside the centre to a rainsafe water treatment system that uses filter, uv & ozone to treat the water to drinking standard

Liberty kitchen then make our visitors the most sustainable cup of coffee

Our hybrid power system uses solar & batteries to power the rainsafe treatment system, our lights, fridges and coffee machine

A pump delivers clean water from the rainsafe to our fracino dual fuel coffee machine

All of our green technology has been bespoke designed for the Greyhope Bay Centre by local businesses

JCE Energy provide power to the centre through a bespoke off-grid renewable energy solution. The hybrid power solution uses a battery system that is charged by 6 x 270W solar panels and topped up by a silent generator when required at night.

Purewater Scotland have provided a rain water harvesting and treatment system. The rain safe machine treats harvested rainwater to drinking water standards using UV and Ozone treatment.

Woo Woo Waterless Toilets supplied the eco-loos for the centre which operate on an eco friendly dry composting system. The Eco-Loos use sunlight and wind to dry human waste, with no need for water, electricity of chemicals.

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