Designing together

Green Powered Assembly

Are you interested in green energy transition? Are you interested in being part of a group making local change? Do you care about biodiversity and circularity?

We are designing together a green plan that will support the Phase 2 expansion of Greyhope Bay and we would love you to join us!
What is the objective of the Green Powered Assembly?
To co-create with the community a brief for the design of a green powered plan for the expansion of Greyhope Bay facilities (PHASE 2).

For us, a green solution is not only a green power technical solution to support operations but also a solution to enhance and support biodiversity at Greyhope Bay, including the energy needs of those who use the site and enjoy connecting to the coast and the historic monument.
How do we co-create a green powered plan?
Using the Greyhope Bay methodology that helped us to co-create a design for the extension of the centre, we are planning to host three co-creation workshops with the Green Powered Assembly. At the workshops the assembly will create a design brief that will map and describe the needs we foresee on the site in the context of
  • Incorporating a green energy solution

  • Circularity Practice

  • Enhancing biodiversity

Who can apply to join the Green Powered Assembly?
Anyone interested in the following is welcome to apply
  • energy transition, biodiversity, sustainability and the work of Greyhope Bay

  • getting involved in community participatory project

  • engaging in creative conversations and moving things forward in a collaborative environment

  • being part of a community that makes change happen

Note: You don’t need to be an expert in any of these subjects. We are looking forpeople with the ability to ask questions and willing to contribute.
Want to join in the fun?
We are looking for participants that can commit to attend:
- 3 x co-creation workshops to create the Green Plan brief (two hours each) between August and September. Dates/timings will be confirmed based on availability of selected participants.

- Attend 2-3 wider public events in October/November
apply +

This is an advisory group that Greyhope Bay invites you to apply to join. Greyhope Bay will then select a maximum of 20 participants. We will let you know if you have been invited to join by the 25th of July.