Greyhope Bay Team

Fair Work Statement

Fair Work Commitment Statement for Greyhope Bay: This declaration, jointly agreed upon by its staff, underscores Greyhope Bay’s dedication to ensuring fair working practices in line with ‘Fair Work First’.

Fair Work First, spearheaded by the Scottish Government, is aimed at promoting high-quality and equitable work environments across Scotland's labour market. It entails applying fair work criteria to grants, funding, and contracts distributed by the public sector, where applicable.

Through this initiative, employers are encouraged to implement fair working practices, including:

Ensuring payment of at least the Real Living Wage.
Greyhope Bay ensures that all its employees, regardless of age, receive the Real Living Wage.

Investing in workforce development.
Greyhope Bay is fully dedicated to the growth and development of its workforce.

Providing flexible and family-friendly working arrangements from the onset of employment.
Greyhope Bay has always offered flexible work-from-home options and family-friendly work arrangements.

Effective Workers' Voice.
Greyhope Bay provides opportunity for regular 1:1 open and two-way dialogue/meetings between line managers and their direct reporting staff. These meetings are separate to team meetings or performance review meetings

Opposing the practice of fire and rehire.
Greyhope Bay unequivocally opposes the use of fire and rehire practices.

By adhering to these principles, Greyhope Bay demonstrates its unwavering commitment to fostering an equitable and supportive work environment for all its employees.
Fiona McIntyre
Chief Executive and Founder
Greyhope Bay
Frances Coombey
Programme and Operations Manager
Greyhope Bay