NESCOL Foundation Apprenticeship

Enara Abad

Enara, age 17, created this bright and colourful graphic design that we are using as part of our signage on site. She was inspired by the layers of the site's history and natural heritage, and wanted that to come across in her graphic representation

We have been collaborating with NESCOL Foundation Apprenticeship programme participants since 2019 thanks to their lecturer Sara Stroud to inspire and create an impressive diversity of mix media


We love to collaborate in an open and co-creative way and have been doing this with local creators who share our passion for our coast and our community
Check out some of our project work with creatives from apprentice students to professional artists who have created the beautiful and impactful content that supports Greyhope Bay.
Sara Stroud
Greyhope Filmmakers

Filmmaker Sara Stroud produced this short film, "Daybreak" as part of our short film series...

James Daniel

James has been bringing his creative touch to the project since 2019. Not only is he behind our graphic design...

James Love
Orbital Drone Imaging

James and the team from Orbital Imaging came out with all of their gear to film the site from the air...

Marcin Makowski
NESCOL Film and TV Production

Marcin came to Torry Battery to film beautiful footage that we used in our Bird Story short film...

Craig Barrowman
Look Again

Craig Barrowman, a local Aberdeen artist with Look Again, created plasticine magic with our young visitors at Greyhope Day...

Mark Deans
Mark Deans Photography

Mark Deans is a local photographer with a passion for capturing stunning images of the local wildlife...